Research lines

Asset Management

This research line addresses the investigation into how organizations manage their assets. Effective maintenance practices are studied and developed to contribute to the organisation's strategy by the alignment of processes and resources. It also involves auditing procedures,, data analysis, planning,, communication, and maintenance team engagement..

Optimization of maintenance policies

This research line deals with the development of mathematical models to determine optimal maintenance policies, which discipline maintenance actions regarding what will be done and the frequency of these actions. From the perspective of optimization, policies are constructed in order to optimize some specific performance dimension, such as: cost, availability, reliability, mean time between failures, and others. The Multicriteria Decision Making Approach (MCDM) is recommended when the consequences of failures can have repercussions on different dimensions, beyond the economic dimension.

Reliability of Complex Systems

In this research line, we develop mathematical models to analyze the reliability of complex systems, considering the relationship of dependence among components, the remaining life estimation, and the failure prognostics. Exact methods or numerical simulation can be used.

Risk assessment and risk management

Research in this line, includes the assessment and management of risk assets and the development of new methodologies for risk assessment. We also study risk assessment from a multidimensional perspective. The developed models evaluate the benefits and risks of different strategies and actions to achieve risk mitigation.

Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems

In this research line, we develop models to optimize the performance of manufacturing systems., The planning of production and maintenance actions can be conducted together, as well as considerations about spare parts and buffer stock. We also consider emerging challenges in manufacturing, such as industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing..